Value and Cost Engineering

More valuable products and lower manufacturing costs will assuring your competitive advantages

Why Value & Cost Engineering?

Global markets have been subject to rapid change in recent years. Traditionally grown structures in development, production and purchasing often no longer meet today’s requirements for flexibility, transparency and speed. A cross-functional view is necessary to keep manufacturing costs competitive. Product life cycles are also becoming significantly shorter and costs are coming under massive pressure due to global competition.

The ability to develop and improve products in line with customer and market requirements is becoming increasingly important in a time of declining margins. Whereas it used to be sufficient to bring good products to market, today special attention must be paid to the right product strategy and the product development process. As a rule, the time to market readiness and the market-specific focus on customers and competitors are decisive for the success of a product. Products must meet necessary customer needs, but at the same time must not be equipped with cost-driving, superfluous functions that are not rewarded by the customer and thus represent a cost disadvantage compared to the competition.

A holistic approach, with which strategies and requirements are developed directly and across functions, is essential and critical to the success of companies. It must integrate research and development (R&D), purchasing, production, quality assurance, marketing, sales, controlling and product management and carefully weigh up the costs and benefits of the product functions. Coscomp supports customers with a structured, scalable and field-tested approach. Through the targeted use of Value & Cost Engineering, companies can reduce their manufacturing costs and thus increase their margins.

Value & Cost Engineering is a systematic approach to increase the value of products while reducing their costs. Functions and costs are analyzed with the aim of improving their relationship to each other and thus the value of the product, without questioning necessary basic functions.

«coscomp Parametric» - Our methodology for the development of «Winning Products»

coscomp Parametric is used to evaluate electronic and mechanical assemblies and software. Technical and economic scenarios are presented. Thus you can evaluate with a maximum accuracy:

• Evaluation and plausibilisation of manufacturing costs

• Estimate software developments

• Calculate development costs

• Calculate the cost of a prototype

This early available precision provides your management with valid information for the feasibility of projects and sub-projects. Only in this way can investment decisions be reliably evaluated.

«coscomp Parametric» - The superior concept

In practice, early cost estimates are often suboptimal. For example, expert surveys are used. This provides fast but hardly reliable results.

4cost-aces, on the other hand, is based on many different Cost Estimating Relationships (CER’s). This network of technical parameters has been analyzed, collected and implemented over years in industry and other sectors.

«coscomp Geometric» - Multi-dimensional thinking

You have to be able to see what is coming. When it comes to CAD data, nothing better can happen to you than our visualization module coscomp Geometric. With it you transform complex three-dimensional designs into easily calculable number formations.

coscomp Geometric creates the unique link between the design of industrial products and the management of the corresponding labor costs.

• The CAD data of mechanical components and assemblies are imported into the module and the model suggests machine and tool data.

• A direct import and the automatic analysis of the 3D geometries is

• The read-in data is evaluated and work plans with the corresponding costs can be generated.

• Depending on the workpiece, there is the possibility of intelligent filtering to support the selection of tools and machines.

• Depending on the workpiece and the selected tool, a sensible preassignment of the technology formulas is carried out.

Finally, the time of blind flights is over. With coscomp Geometric you can immediately see the relationship between numbers & visualization; what is done, what still has to be processed. And finally, the self-learning system suggests a finished work plan to you – quickly, visually and transparently.