Who are we?

We are a Swiss company based in Schindellegi, in Switzerland. We are a solution provider in the field of life cycle costing, systems engineering and value and cost engineering. As experienced and innovative implementation specialists, we offer solutions for complex systems.

Why us?

Our team has developed a methodology that allows us to understand and visualize a product and its future. This allows us to completely rethink value and cost engineering (VCE) and offer you a customer-centric service. We have packaged this novel, proven value and cost engineering approach into joint value propositions. This allows us to completely rethink value and cost engineering (VCE) and offer you a customer-oriented service.

Why now?

Products are becoming increasingly complex and varied, more and more technologies are being used, and product development is typically scattered over several different locations and carried out jointly by an extensive supplier network. A disciplined approach is required to realize the full potential of possible cost reductions in the process. We offer the whole package: the necessary toolbox and a comprehensive service from a single source.

Rapid and valid calculation

Software-based analysis, not an Excel solution

Access to existing database collections

Modelling of customer-specific cost & price scenarios

Transparent & comprehensible variant considerations

Customer-specific reports

Our team

Thanks to our relevant practical experience derived from numerous projects, we provide you with individual support tailored to your needs.

Portrait Dominic Schüpbach

Dominic Schüpbach

Value & Cost Engineer l Development Engineer (co-founder)

Raphael Schlup

Value & Cost Engineer | Systems Engineer l Data Analyst (co-founder)
Portrait Ben Baumann

Ben Baumann

Value & Cost Engineer l Customer Success Manager
Portrait Marco Schlup

Marco Schlup

Production & Process Engineer l CAM-Specialist

Kevin Masson

Value & Cost Engineer | Data Analyst
Portrait Sven Steiner

Sven Steiner

Value & Cost Engineer l Electro Engineer

Our Advisory Board

We are supported by experienced specialists in the field of product development on our advisory board. With even more strategic experience and network contacts, we can offer you suitable solutions for your individual problems.

Portrait Rolf Althaus

Rolf Althaus

Dr. Ing. turbo machines, ETH Zurich
Portrait Joachim Schöffer

Joachim Schöffer

Managing Partner 4cost GmbH