Systems Engineering, Value and Cost Engineering, Life-Cycle-Costing (LCC), Project Management, Innovation Management, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics are our topics.

Creation of complete transparency and simplification of complex and multidisciplinary systems with many variants and interfaces

You will be supported by a team member with the appropriate know-how, agreed with you.

  • We support and accompany our customers, transfer know-how and experience and want to enable them to apply the acquired knowledge.
  • Thanks to practical relevance and experience from numerous development projects we support our customers specifically and adapted to the project.

  • We are highly specialized in our industries and fields, but with a holistic view.
  • We support our customers in a targeted and selective manner at the right place to bring about major, effective changes for their success.
  • Together with our partners we cover an even broader spectrum.

It consists of qualified specialists with practical relevance and experience in the field of mechanical and plant engineering.


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Coscomp live on stage at the sixth 4cost-Congress in Berlin from 10. to 11.03.2021.

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